Why Get a Pool Water Bowl?

water fire bowl

As idyllic outdoor living spaces are pioneering backyard designs, building tranquil, luxury swimming pools are transforming backyards into island paradises. Including striking water and fire features around the poolscape create a luxury resort ambiance in your backyard with the soothing sound of trickling water or dancing flames each night.

Whether you’re building a new pool or updating an existing one, pool water bowls are extraordinary backyard water features that blend seamlessly with your pool design for a natural, delicate waterfall cascading directly into your pool.

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Benefits of a Pool Water Bowl

Despite being decorative by design, water bowls for pools are overflowing with benefits that make them a worthy addition to any poolside paradise. Immerse yourself in a soothing trance as you lounge by the pool, listening to the sound of water elegantly cascading into your pool, creating a serene, harmonious melody. The lulling sound of cascading water is known to help you relax and creates a noise barrier so you can enjoy your backyard in full privacy.

Intermingle your water elements with the rest of your backyard with highly versatile decorative water bowls for pools. Build your copper, metallic or concrete pool water bowls directly into your pool for a unified design or naturally incorporate them into your existing pool design and watch your backyard transform into a luscious rainforest. With a range of materials and finishes, you can match your water bowl to your pool deck effortlessly for a cohesive visual design. Try blending different textures and materials for a playful, whimsical appearance to add character to your pool.

Dive headfirst into refreshingly cool, sparkling clear water with the added filtration that pool water bowls add to your pool. The rush of water to your pool helps circulate the water and keeps you cool as you enjoy an afternoon swim.

Fire and Water Bowls

Blend the rhythmic flames erupting from your lava rock or fire glass media with the subdued water cascading into your pool with a bowl that transcends reality and combines fire and water into one spectacular pool feature. Fire water bowls bring opposing elements together for a breathtaking spectacle that turns your outdoor living space into a grandiose destination spot. With a customizable fire media at the top of the bowl, you can watch your flame’s reflection glisten off of fire glass, stone or lava rock as water outpours from the bowl’s extended lip below.

Instead of choosing between a fire or water feature, combine the two for a playful dynamic that keeps you warm all night while keeping that soothing ambiance. Our fire and water bowls are built to be long-lasting and can be customized to fit your pool’s intricate design.

Water Bowl Design Ideas

Discover the multitude of ways to decorate your outdoors and fully enjoy a peaceful paradise in your very own backyard. Breathe in the fresh air the moment you step outside and look at the wonderful scenery that is your poolscape with intricate three pool water bowl designs that will astound your guests.

  1. Surround your swimming pool with a symmetric flow of water by placing a water bowl by each corner of your pool. Your water bowls for pools will cascade water towards each other, creating a beautiful underwater path for you to swim through.
  2. Perch a trio of decorative water bowls on one side of your pool as an elegant backdrop that catches the eye and brings the focus to your elaborate, customized swimming pool. Swim under the cascading water and enjoy the coolness of the flowing water on the hotter days.
  3. Create a passageway leading to your attached spa and with two water bowls intentionally placed at the entrance of your attached spa. Swim through cascading waterfalls from your pool water bowls to access your warm, bubbling spa as the sun goes down and the weather cools. Use a fire water bowl instead and make your spa an exclusive area only accessible through your cascading waterfalls.
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