Beautify Your Backyard With A Pool Waterfall

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Listen to the idyllic sounds of freshwater flowing down a stream, wind brushing against your face as you dip your toes in the cool, crystal-clear water. Where do you picture yourself—an enchanting rainforest or tropical island? Wherever you imagine, you can easily recreate an ideal oasis in your very own backyard with a poolside waterfall.

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Why A Waterfall?

While many people unwind to the peaceful sounds of rushing water or crashing waves on their phones, you can bring those magnificent sounds to life with a pool waterfall in your backyard. A pool waterfall is an exquisite addition to any home that will not only excite your guests but will enhance the meditative ambiance of your outdoor space for superior relaxation.

Indulge in the crisp aroma of a natural rock waterfall or experience the rush of water firsthand with a freestanding waterfall on the edge of your pool. Backyard waterfalls offer a wide range of personalization options such as size, shape and design to suit any outdoor paradise. They can be constructed from natural or artificial materials such as rock, stone or concrete and require a pump to push water out and into your pool. Adding an energy-efficient pump can save energy and keep costs low in the long run. Waterfalls typically have a single stream, but some include double or even multiple streams for more visibility and dramatic effect. Here are some spectacular pool waterfall ideas perfect for your backyard.

Triple Waterfall

Elevate the gentle sounds of trickling water by creating a triple stream waterfall that harmoniously falls into your pool. The visually stunning, symmetric effect of three pool waterfalls cascading down a rugged rock landscape will leave you and your guests in blissful tranquility. For a more synchronous feel, align your trio of waterfalls along a glossy tiled retaining wall that all flow into your pool simultaneously.

Swim-in Grottoes

Dive into uncharted waters and create a hidden sanctuary right in your backyard with a grotto. Swim-in grottoes are secluded cave-like areas nestled behind a poolside waterfall that swimmers can meander through and explore. A personalized grotto brings adventure and curiosity to your backyard decor. Customize your grotto to include small, secret underwater pathways or built-in structures for sitting and relaxing deep within your hideaway.

Add a Planter

Make the most of your home’s vivid foliage and exquisite greenery by combining outdoor planters with water. The color and freshness of your home-grown garden sitting above a magnificent waterfall that flows into your pool creates an immaculate ambiance for entertaining and unwinding. To have your backyard really thrive, position planters around your poolside and surround yourself in a lush forest every time you go for a swim.

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You and your guests can enjoy astounding bliss with an elevated spillway. Whether it’s a graceful mist of water droplets sprinkling down a second-story structure or a rushing sheet of water cascading over a built-in waterslide into the pool, an elevated spillway is a masterful backyard waterfall feature that combines charm and refinement with noteworthy craftsmanship. Complement your illustrious spillway with a water fountain for a beautiful scenic view and playful ripple effect.

Freestanding Waterfall

For a more contemporary landscape, incorporate a sleek, lustrous freestanding waterfall that will stay current for years to come. These polished, metal waterfalls add a distinguished elegance and modern feel to your backyard space while glistening brightly day or night. Serenade your backyard with the soothing sounds of rushing water by adding multiple freestanding waterfalls around your poolscape or try decorating your waterfall with a few versatile water bowl fountains for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

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Spa Spillover

Bring cohesion and peace of mind to your outdoor space by connecting your pool and spa with a spa spillover. Relax in your elevated spa as a breathtaking rush of water elegantly cascades down into your pool, creating a rippling current on the water for a brilliant and timeless effect. You can even have a pool waterfall flow from your pool into your spa or hot tub, adding dynamic movement to your space.

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