poolside fire bowl
poolside fire bowl

Safety Comes First

Safety is a primary focus for all our Grand Effects products. We use only CSA certified burners, and every water and fire fountain is built for years of reliable use. Our pool fire and water bowls are safe to use almost anywhere, even on wood decking, near pools or on tables, as all our units remain cool on the base.

When a flame goes out for any reason, the SmartSense system attempts to restart. If restart fails, the system automatically shuts off and stays off, helping avoid hazardous situations.

Control access with key-locked manual valves. Just unlock and use a lighter to ignite the flame.



Grand Effects products work with any home or pool automation system, including Jandy® AquaLink®. The Jandy Aqualink automation systems make every aspect of your spa, pool and landscape automatic and effortless to control from anywhere. Control anything from your pool lights and spa features, to your cleaners and pool pumps.

  • App-Based Control
    Control your whole system from your phone. Access pool care, hot tub on/off, lighting, fire features, and water features.

  • Ease of Use
    Skip manually switching on your water bowl fountains. With our automated technology, control whole groups of features with one command.

  • Simplified Scenes
    Use presets to control groups of features or choose one thing at a time. Prepare a complete relaxing scene or switch on a single inviting water and fire bowl fountain.

  • Savings and Safety
    Make sure all your flames are off when the evening is over. Automatically shut down pool heaters, spas, water and fire features and more.

backyard design
backyard design
backyard design
backyard design

Soothing Sounds and Dramatic Lighting

Though often similar in terms of design, fire and water bowls are both fire and water features in one. With these elegant bowls, you can enjoy the ambiance provided by the fire’s accent lighting and simultaneously be soothed by the sounds of flowing water.

Connect any landscape, patio or pool to the dazzling impact of fire.

Place an outdoor fire and water bowl near any pool area to provide instant comfort.

Create intimacy and relaxation with sounds of flowing water pouring into your pool.

Install outdoor fire and water bowls in key areas to make a lasting visual impression.


concrete texture

Each concrete bowl is individually molded using a concrete-fiberglass mix, that results in a lighter but structurally stronger product. Pigmented dyes are added to this mixture — infusing it with rich, long-lasting and fade-resistant color that permeates through every layer — then sealed to protect the integrity of the concrete for its lifetime.

metal texture

Our Metallic bowls are made from the highest quality heavy gauge aluminum. Each piece is sandblasted and treated with an anti-corrosion process before we powder coat the bowls with a rich array of color choices for a durable and long-lasting finish.

copper texture
Hammered Copper

Beautifully handmade copper vessels are buffed to a lustrous sheen with an oil-rubbed bronze glaze that develops a natural patina over time. Adorned with hand-hammered indentations that add depth and enhanced artistry, each bowl is truly one-of-a-kind.

Stainless Steel

Our 316 Marine-grade Stainless Steel gives products a sleek yet timeless look. Stainless is tough in the elements and does not develop a patina, so it can always be quickly cleaned to keep that fresh, shiny style. While Stainless Steel is designed to durably withstand the elements, salt can cause a corrosive reaction. Stainless steel products in a saltwater environment will corrode and need constant care. For this reason we do not recommend our stainless steel products for use in saltwater environments.


Grand Effects uses heavyweight copper in all our products. You can feel the difference in this durable material. Copper is a living material that will develop a patina, making each product unique.

Fuels For Outdoor Fire Features

  • Natural Gas
    This fuel is ideal for properties that already have installed natural gas lines. Outdoor fire features with fire glass must use natural gas.

  • Propane
    Refillable propane tanks allow fire features to be placed anywhere. This fuel is designed for properties that don’t have natural gas lines already installed. Propane cannot be used with fire glass.


Fill it with Texture and Color

ceramic stone
Ceramic Stone

lava rock
Lava Rocks

reflective fire glass
Fire Glass

Water and Fire Fountains to Fit Every Design