Helix Torch

Illuminate and impress with a dramatic, spiraling outdoor lamp.


Invoke an enchanting ambiance exemplifying functionality and beauty using torch lights. This outdoor lamp combines venturi technology and a stainless-steel head design to create a spectacular spiraling flame. The helix whips around in a dazzling display inside high-temperature glass panels, creating a whimsical experience. Includes CSA-certified burner assembly, mounting hardware and an OTL-approved burner; burns 20.000 BTU/hr.

Helix Torch Specifications

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Helix Torch Frequently asked questions

Our Helix Torches are available for purchase from any qualified Grand Effects dealer.
Yes. Avoid placing these light torches under trees or anywhere where debris will fall into them. Also ensure the components of the torch won’t be beneath water. Finally, avoid placing the flame where children, pets or people might come in direct contact with the torch.
No. The torch is automated and runs using an electric ignition system.
These helix torches can work as a natural gas or propane torch.
There are three different mounting options for these torch lights. The installation will depend on the mounting type. However, we include mounting hardware and instructions with every Helix Torch.

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