Scuppers: The Perfect Backyard Accessory

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With the wide variety of pool water features to choose from, it may seem difficult to pick one that’s right for your outdoor space. Luckily, the flow of clear water pouring into your pool with swimming pool scuppers is a breathtaking, timeless spectacle that naturally blends with the rest of your decor, leaving you in a state of tranquil bliss. For an elegant water feature that transcends time and space, water scuppers are a must-have addition to any pool landscape.

The Scoop on Scuppers

The demand for exquisite, artisanal water features for outdoor landscape design is growing —and water scuppers are no exception. Pool scuppers and spouts are decorative elements that release curved, glass-like flowing water into your pool, producing a soothing melody.

While used as an aesthetic accessory now, the term scuppers originated from boats and ships draining ocean and rainwater from their deck. Over time, landscape designers began incorporating beautifully stylized water scuppers for backyard pool designs because of their useful functionality and versatile appeal. They’re striking design and artistic feel are what make them a one-of-a-kind water feature that is beautiful with or without flowing water. You may choose to have your scuppers customized with intricate, hand-crafted designs that stand out from the rest of your pool and backyard.

Decorative scuppers are typically composed of copper or bronze for a more rustic aesthetic, but they can be crafted out of stainless steel or stone for a more contemporary backyard landscape. Upon exposure to the elements, copper pool scuppers will begin developing a natural patina that helps prevent corrosion and forms a vibrant, inimitable color such as green, blue or brown on the scupper itself. This unique characteristic is what makes copper scuppers such a renowned feature for swimming pool designs. Our handmade copper pool scuppers are crafted with hand-hammered indentations and distinct design elements that will elegantly enhance any backyard for years to come. Finished with a rich oil rubbed bronze finish that effortlessly blends with the natural patina over time, our copper pool scuppers bring a unique refinement to any poolside oasis.

Scuppers are also considered to be a functional water feature. They help circulate water in the swimming pool and block out unwanted noise from your backyard so you can relax in peace. Envision the entrancing flow of water from three scuppers hitting the pool surface as you soak up the warm, afternoon sunrays and see how water scuppers can enhance your outdoor experience.

Transform Your Terrain

If you’ve decided scuppers are the right fit, you might be wondering how to make them work in your backyard design. Here’s how pool scuppers and spouts can transform your outdoor oasis.

Whether you dream of sunbathing to the serene sound of cascading water or you’re eager to swim under an onrush of flowing water, scuppers are a durable and long-lasting feature that creates crystal clear slopes of jutting water into your pool. Decorative scuppers are highly customizable features—offered in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs—that can be used to enhance your backyard’s existing theme. Accent your sensational swimming pool with a trio of decorative scuppers trickling water into the pool from an attached retaining or feature wall. Align them horizontally for a satisfying symmetrical design or position your scuppers in an offset pattern for dynamic flair and character.

With copious scupper variations to choose from, you might be wondering how such a simple size or design difference can impact your outdoor sanctuary’s ultimate appearance. The secret to a scupper’s transformative difference is in its shape. The shape of a water scupper impacts how the water flows out of the scupper and into your pool. It can convert your modernized, pristine backyard to a lush, idyllic forest or a mountainous freshwater stream just by changing the scupper’s width and height to fit your chosen ambiance.

To fully enhance your backyard, scuppers come in multiple shapes and designs that affect their sound and appearance. For a soft, sheet-like water flow that elegantly cascades into your pool, try a smooth-flow scupper. These water scuppers are multi-chambered with an angled baffle for a smooth water flow and stunning visual effect. Or create a charming bubbling effect with a natural-flow scupper that vigorously expels water from its spout for a livelier appearance.

Swimming pool scuppers are a well-fashioned water feature made to be admired for their simple functionality and ornate designs. Remodeled as an accessory for pools, water scuppers have transcended from their ship deck roots and are now considered a relaxing, stress-relieving feature that is perfect for your backyard. Whether you choose a modern, stainless-steel scupper or a neoclassic style, the excitement and intrigue created by a pool scupper design can easily elevate your outdoor landscape.

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