How Does a Fire Bowl Work?

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How Does a Fire Bowl Work?

Are you craving elaborate fire features to augment your pool plans? Do you have a thirst for luxury backyard updates to enliven your evening events? Unwind and keep guests bathed in the warm glow from fire bowls for pools and spas illuminating the night. A fire bowl is an illustrious fire feature that can be built into your new pool design or attached to an existing one with careful consideration.

Highly versatile to accentuate any exterior design, fire bowls add warmth and a noticeable flare to backyard décor, especially once the sun goes down. Fire bowls are constructed of copper, metallic or concrete material to suit your carefully handcrafted outdoor living experience. Fueled by natural gas or propane, swimming pool fire bowls produce thick, impressive flames that imitate a natural, wood-burning fire.

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How Does It Work?

You may wonder how your captivating pool fire bowls come to life. Using natural gas or liquid propane, fuel is transferred directly to the outdoor fire feature through the gas line. Installing a gas line is a long-term, cost-effective solution that guarantees a consistent flow of fuel directly to your burner rather than storing it on-site. Combining fuel with proper air flow, your fire feature will be ready to ignite and produce a dazzling flame. Light your outdoor fire features effortlessly on your mobile device through pool automation or using the manual option.

What Fire Bowl Material Is Right For You?

When choosing the material for your fire feature, consider existing materials used in your poolscape or outdoor décor. Try a traditional, rough-texture concrete basin to go with your rustic backyard aesthetic or choose sleek metallic bowls to match more modernized pool features. Each bowl material carries unique characteristics that can blend seamlessly into your outdoor oasis or stand out as an elaborate centerpiece. Hand-fashioned bowls are crafted in a variety of finishes to suit your style—leaving nothing to chance when it comes to your backyard.

Powder-coated metal fire bowls are an incomparable option for your pool. Made from heavy-gauge aluminum and then sandblasted powder coated with a rich, vibrant finish. Grand Effects® metallic bowls offer a stylish design that allows the powerful flames to reflect off the sides and glisten elegantly in the night. You can even match your bowl style to reflect the shape of your pool with round or square models.

For a look that goes with every season, concrete fire bowls are formidable structures that come in a range of designs and finishes to elevate your outdoor living space. Our concrete-fiberglass bowls are hand-stained and wax sealed to protect the finish from fading. Fill the pan with fire-glass to create a dazzling show, or opt for lava rock or ceramic stones to add a more rustic appearance to your finished fire feature.

Elevate any backyard look with eye-catching copper fire bowls that shimmer in the light. The radiant flames reflecting off the warm finish of the bowl make copper outdoor fire features highly desirable. With a natural patina that forms over time, you’ll own a fire bowl unique to you with earth-toned hues. Grand Effects® copper bowls are hand-hammered and buffed with an oil-bronze glaze for a beautiful, artisanal look and feel.

Fire bowls are a well-designed fire feature made to be captivating and provide warmth to your backyard space. Widely used as focal points around the pool or landscaping, these bowls perfectly accentuate your outdoor plans. When choosing fire features, consider investing in the visual benefits of a fire bowl for your backyard oasis.

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