Five Fire Features for Pools

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Five Fire Features for Pools to Light Up Your Backyard

As more people transform their backyards into glamorous outdoor landscapes, you may be inspired to build an outdoor paradise of your own. When envisioning your ideal backyard, consider how your evening hosting events can be a transformative experience complete with breathtaking fire features. Pool fire features are luxurious additions for your backyard that illuminate your patio and create an inviting, memorable ambiance for everyone to enjoy. Here are five spectacular pool fire features to help you get started.

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Fire Bowls

Safely surround your pool in flames and amaze your guests with lavish fire bowls for pools . Fire bowls are a beautiful and brilliant way of elevating your backyard and creating an exquisite outdoor space. They come in a range of finishes and materials including concrete and hand-hammered copper and are typically round or square with a shallow interior. Besides choosing the perfect shape and finish, you can also choose the interior medium for your pool fire bowl. Instill the rugged essence of volcanic remnants right in your backyard with lava rocks or watch the glistening reflection of the flames dance above a bed of fire glass. The included burner is connected to a natural gas or propane line that you can either manually turn on or, better yet, power up with a pool automation system using the iAquaLink app on your phone or any mobile device. For a swimming pool fire bowl unlike any other, Grand Effects offers a premium bowl burner with a double-ring design for powerful flames illuminating from your pool fire bowl.

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Fire Pits

Create an intimate gathering spot in your backyard with a beautiful fire pit. Admired for their simple functionality and aesthetic appeal, fire pits for pools are an enticing, versatile option for backyard decorating. Make your pool fire pitthe extravagant centerpiece for backyard conversation zones and enjoy the relaxing outdoors as the sound of crackling flames fills the air. Fire pits for poolsare an excellent pool fire featurebecause they are one of the most customizable on the market. In addition to the typical round or rectangular fire pit, you can make a custom-built fire pit out of a tree stump or an elaborate hexagonal structure unlike any other—just insert a round or linear fire pit burnerand you’ll be ready for a spectacular night of entertaining. Another customizable option is a rock burner insert for your pool fire pit. Added charcoal-like ceramic stones or shimmering fire glass liven up your well-crafted ambiance and bring it all together. With your spectacular fire pit, you can create lasting memories with your guests in a welcoming outdoor space.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy vibrant conversation with family and friends as the flames from your grand stone masonry fireplace shed a temperate, natural light on your backyard. Blend the cozy, comforting atmosphere from your indoor space with the fresh air and vivid greenery from your backyard by adding a fireplace to your patio or porch. An outdoor fireplace is an eye-catching pool fire feature that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your outdoor space as a romantic backdrop for entertaining or simply unwinding after a long day. Bring blankets, pillows and friends and gather around your outdoor fireplace for a beautiful change of scenery that will give a whole new meaning to “staying in.” Elevate your backyard with a cohesive theme to tie your decor together. Try a stone or red brick fireplace ensconced around your pastoral patio furniture for a cozy, rustic aesthetic. For a more modern feel, consider a plaster fireplace or linear fireplace that hangs right above your pool or spa and enjoy the whirling flames as you relax in the water.

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Fire Torches

Illuminate the night sky with the fiery glimmer from fire torches strewed about the backyard. These glass-encased flames light up the outdoors with flare and can be mounted to walls or columns for a universal brightening effect on your backyard. Adjust the placement of your fire torches and adorn your patio in twirling flames as you nestle in for an evening of relaxation. Or create a magnificent flame-lit pathway leading all the way from your home to your pool with strategic fire torch placement. For an elegant attention grabber, try our Helix Torch. This captivating fire torch produces a swirling flame for an even more entrancing effect that will turn your backyard into a luminous paradise. Designed with stainless steel and high temperature glass panels that offer a clear view of the entire flame effect, the Helix Torch is a tasteful, luxurious spin on patio fire torches and can be integrated to fit any outdoor space.

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Fire Candeleres

For superior elegance, try our handcrafted white quartz stone fire candeleres that punctuate the poolscape with starlike flames that enhance your outdoor space. The twinkling reflection of fire candeleres in the water will entrance your guests and add movement to your swimming pool. This exclusive pool fire feature will astound your guests without overpowering your spectacular outdoor furniture. Our exquisite fire candeleres bring a rare beauty to your poolside when mounted above your pool or spa. Center your candeleres on a feature or retaining wall above your pool and watch as the playful dynamic between fire and water adds dimension and character to your backyard. Or combine the vibrant glow from your flickering fire candeleres with the tranquil sound of a built-in water feature for the ultimate evening oasis.

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