Cannon Scupper

SKU #CSC-1.5

The Cannon Scupper is a top choice among customers thanks to its adaptability, vibrance, and visual appeal. It delivers thick bubbling water currents, bringing pleasing auditory and kinetic elements to your outdoor area. Made with flexibility in mind, the Cannon Scupper is not limited to pool landscapes but can be incorporated into a wide range of water feature designs. A high-quality and well-engineered water scupper is the most visually striking method to channel water into ponds, spas, or even pouring into water pots for your backyard or entrance fountain.

  • Flow Rate: 15-20 gallons per minute
  • Construction: Fully TIG-welded and polished
  • Material: Brushed copper, stainless steel, oil-rubbed hammered copper, or powder-coated
  • Inlet: Back or Bottom options for a 1.5” female inlet
  • Attachment: Bonding lug located next to the inlet

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