Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your technology better than others?

We have gone to great extremes to weatherize our products. We manufacture our own igniter and sensor with our modified pilot assembly. It is proven and works well.

Does your technology monitor the status of the flame?

Yes, we use flame circuit technology, that continuously monitors the status of the flame. If the flame goes out because of wind or rain, our sensor will sense that the flame has gone out, shut down the burner and then immediately relight the burner in a safe manner.

Is your system U.L. approved?

All of our Control Panels are U.L. approved. Most gas appliances manufacturers get a CSA/AGA approval. We also have CSA/AGA approvals on all of our standard products.

Why are approvals important?

It shows that a product has gone through certain requirements and tested by an independent testing laboratory. Yes, using an approved product does limit the users liability, as opposed to using a product without any approvals.

Can your system be hooked up to a pool controller or home system?

Yes, our products can be hooked up to any pool controller or home system that supplies our Control Panel with 110 v from the auxiliary from the pool controller or home system.

Does your system operate on propane?

Yes, we have approvals for propane. We add additional safety equipment called a “Propane Adder” on propane jobs. The “Propane Adder” is an additional low voltage solenoid gas valve that is installed in the gas line upstream of the burner. In the event of a leak or loose connection, it will prevent the flow of gas.

What does your Control Panel consist of?

Our Control Panel is a U.L. Control Panel in a Nema3R outdoor box. We include a GFI circuit and a transformer with fuses on the high and low voltages. Our transformer reduces the voltage from 110 v to 24vac.

How close does the panel have to be from each burner assembly?

The Grand Effects Control Panel can be located anywhere. Distance is not an issue.

How many burners can be operated on one panel?

As many as you want, or as much as your gas supply will allow.

How do we turn it on if we don’t have a pool controller?

We can supply our unit with a hand held remote or your electrician can wire in a remote switch or you can turn the features on/off at our control panel.

What is the best media to put on top of the burner assembly?

2-5” pieces of lava rock and decorative glass (fire and ice) works well.

How can we turn on Fire Bowls and a Fire Pit separately on the same job?

We will supply a Control Panel for the Fire Bowls and a Control Panel for the Fire Pit. You will need two auxillaries from your pool controller.