Helix Torch

By Travis

Helix Torch By Travis

The Grand Effects Helix Torch by Travis is a beautiful combination of function and design. The design of the torch head incorporates venturi technology to create a dramatic spiraling flame. The decorative flame is housed in high temperature glass panels that provide a unique look, accenting the swirling flame. The torch head is well constructed using all stainless steel materials.

  • Available with automated or manual operation
  • O.T.L. approved burner
  • 3 mounting types: post, wall and column
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Natural gas or propane
  • 20,000 BTU/hr

Helix Torches with Automation

Made Easy.

Our Grand Effects’ System works with any home system or pool controller, such as our Jandy-Aqualink. Our technology is reliable and proven. Our technology is a CSA certified packaged unit, factory tested and easy to install. Grand Effects Helix Torches are available with manual or automated operation.

Automation Includes:

  • O.T.L. approved burner assembly and CSA control panel
  • O.T.L. approved, factory tested burner assembly with flame monitoring technology
  • Can be operated remotely from any home or pool controller
  • Available with hand held remote